Author’s Only

Would you like me to review your book? Then let me know a bit about your book below. If you have a specific time line you would like the review done by please add that too. If I agree to review your book I can’t guarantee that I will be able to read it within your time frame but I will try. If you are willing to do any type of giveaway/interview/live chat please indicate that too. Basically anything you think I should know please include. My favorite types of books would be romance, erotica, dark reads, paranormal romance, chick lit, fantasy and dark erotica. Strange mix, I know!

**I have been getting a lot of requests and so it may take me awhile to get back to you. Please don’t think I am being rude because I am not just crazy busy! Thanks for your understanding! 🙂

**Update: I am going to keep this up for now but please know that I am completely OVERWHELMED with requests until probably June. I won’t be able to get to your book until then…so if that’s okay then put your request in. Thank you and sorry. **

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